Saturday, 2 October 2021

MEETING 30.09.21

A smaller number of members than usual met to review images from a shoot at the Atwell-Wilson Motor Museum, Calne ( and also images that had been post-processed using Split Toning techniques.  A very interactive session followed!

The motor museum holds a good range of subjects but packed displays and tricky lighting makes photography there challenging. Some examples from the visit are shown below:

© David Sage 2021

© Philip Male 2021

© Danny Wootton 2021

© Sue Power 2021

The split-toning challenge led to some experimentation - how much of a change was a matter of taste perhaps.  Do you go subtle or bold?  Before and After processing examples are shown below:

 © Philip Male 2021

© Rose Porfirio 2021

© Howard Morland 2021

© Julia Lloyd-Parks 2021

Next meeting: October 14
  • Critique evening (up to 3 images)
  • One month, One photo - September (1 image!)

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