Friday, 17 September 2021

MEETING 16.09.21

Robert Harvey delivered his presentation entitled “Photographing Wiltshire”.  It was a very interesting and informative talk, illustrated with great photographs of Wiltshire, both of well known and less familiar sites.  It was a great stimulus for ideas of places to visit.

 Robert advised the links below which may be of interest:

  • He invited members to join his Facebook group Inspirational Outdoor Photography.  The group only accepts images from the British Isles taken within the last seven days, so it is focused on what is happening in the countryside now:

The next club meeting is on 30th September.  The meeting will cover the following:

  • Julia - Shetland
  • Challenge - split toning/colour grading - one picture -  before and after
  • Shoot review - Atwell-Wilson Car Museum 

Saturday, 4 September 2021

MEETING 02.08.21

It was great to be meeting up again, the first time in the Manor Room since March 2020. We welcomed back our members, both old and new.  Advice to make our meetings Covid-compliant was discussed, seats were socially distanced and coats were kept on as doors were left open to allow air circulation.  

We started our new term with reviews of the challenge 'Our favourite images' taken during the 2020-2021 year and the first of our summer shoots 'Lacock River Walk'.  While our own selection processes were challenged by the first, finding interesting subjects for the second proved tricky! Below is a small selection.


© David Sage 2021

© Derek Hawkins 2021

© Geoff Castle 2021

© Julia Lloyd-Parks 2021

© Philip Male 2021

© Amanda Gregory 2021


© Mike Hayter 2021

© Kevin Mahon 2021

© Danny Wootton 2021

© Sue Power 2021

NEXT MEETING: Sept 16 - Robert Harvey presentation 'Photographing Wiltshire'

Tuesday, 17 August 2021


September 2: Welcome; My favourite picture from 2020-2021; Review of Lacock river walk shoot

September 16: Speaker - Robert Harvey on Photographing Wiltshire

September 30: Split toning/colour grading challenge; Review of Atwell-Wilson Car Museum shoot; Member's presentation of Wild Atlantic Way

Monday, 16 August 2021


This is to confirm that the first Lacock Positive meeting of 2021-2022 Club year will be in the Manor Room, Lacock at 7pm, 2 September 2021

While Government restrictions have now been lifted, we accept that the Covid pandemic is not over and we advise the following:

  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided by the club at the entrance and in the Manor Room. Please use it as frequently as you wish
  • Anti-Bacterial surface wipes will also be available for members to use
  • We will not be providing refreshments, at least for the first meeting, so please bring your own
  • Ventilation - when possible, depending on the weather, we will try and ventilate the Manor Room as much as we can, which may include opening the fire doors
  • As per our Fire Regulation Requirement a list of attendees will be maintained for each meeting
  • The wearing of face masks is a personal choice
  • Please do not attend if you are unwell &/or you show any Covid symptoms

If you are interested in coming along (if not already a member) please contact David Sage at We look forward to meeting up with both old and new members!

Thursday, 3 June 2021

 Lacock Positive Club Meeting - 3rd June 2021

At this evenings meeting, we have an I interesting talk from Peter Shaw on Split Toning / Colour Grading and how careful use of this tool can give your image a different 'feel'.  We also reviewed our One Image One Month for May and our 'Something Small' challenge.

One Image One Month

© Amanda Gregory 2021 

© Danny Wootton 2021 

© Derek Hawkins 2021 

© Julia Lloyd-Parks 2021 

© Roger Parry 2021 

© Ros Vickers 2021 

© Sue Power 2021 

Something Small

© Julia Lloyd-Parks 2021 

© Derek Hawkins 2021 

© Sue Power 2021 

© Rose Porfirio 2021 

© Mike Hayter 2021 

© David Sage 2021 

© Amanda Gregory 2021 

© Danny Wootton 2021