Friday, 17 September 2021

MEETING 16.09.21

Robert Harvey delivered his presentation entitled “Photographing Wiltshire”.  It was a very interesting and informative talk, illustrated with great photographs of Wiltshire, both of well known and less familiar sites.  It was a great stimulus for ideas of places to visit.

 Robert advised the links below which may be of interest:

  • He invited members to join his Facebook group Inspirational Outdoor Photography.  The group only accepts images from the British Isles taken within the last seven days, so it is focused on what is happening in the countryside now:

The next club meeting is on 30th September.  The meeting will cover the following:

  • Julia - Shetland
  • Challenge - split toning/colour grading - one picture -  before and after
  • Shoot review - Atwell-Wilson Car Museum 

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