8th September 2023

At our first meeting of the '23/'24 season, we were pleased to welcome 3 new members.

Julia Lloyd-Parks, our new Chairperson, gave the introduction.  Lesley Cadger, our Programme Secretary, followed up with an overview of the programme for the next few months.  We then discussed last season's feedback forms to help guide future planning.  Could those members who offered to give presentations please contact Lesley.

Our first challenge of the season was images related to the letter "G":

Goose © Amanda Gregory 2023

Untitled © Caroline Howe 2023

G for Gondola © Danny Wootton 2023

Great Grey Owl © Graham D'Aucourt 2023

Goat © Phil Male 2023

Geranium and Friend © Roger Parry 2023

Green Banded Peacock Butterfly © Sue Power 2023

Our next challenge was "Best Picture of Summer":

Summer Sky © Caroline Howe 2023

White Stork © Graham D'Aucourt 2023

Untitled © Helen Day 2023

Untitled © Julia Lloyd-Parks 2023

Bees at Work © Kevin Mahon 2023

Untitled © Phil Selby 2023

Disko Bay, Greenland © Robert Bolton 2023

Our next meeting will be on 21st September.