21st September 2023

As there were no nominations for Vice Chair, the decision was reached to postpone election until early next year.

Our first challenge was "Pretty in Pink":

© Anne Horne 2023

Rose in the Rain © Rob Macklin 2023

A Bee Called Floyd © Larry St Croix 2023

Apollo Butterfly on Pink Thistle © Julia Lloyd-Parks 2023
Pink Dragon Millipede © Derek Liversidge 2023
Pretty in Pink © David Sage 2023
Everlasting Sweet Pea © Sue Power 2023
This year, World Photography Day took place on Saturday 29th August.  Some members took photos on that day:
Lower Moor Farm © Amanda Gregory 2023

© David Sage 2023
Vancouver Panorama © Lesley Cadger 2023

Kilvie Beach at Sunset © Pam Bamford 2023

Kilvie Beach Sunset © Tony Bamford 2023

Tony Bamford gave a brief talk on why memory cards fail and potential ways to avoid this risk.