Saturday, 1 December 2018


Bristol-based speaker, Simon Caplan, gave us a great illustrated talk with a display of his photographic take on small and  interesting features of buildings, street furniture and the like - the Extraordinary Ordinary.

Often graphic and colourful, many of the images invite us to look closer and also make us resolve to look harder at details when next visiting towns, harbours, industry, funfairs etc! Simon showed both digital images on screen and prints.  He also illustrated other subjects in his portfolio, including landscapes and still lifes.  Simon happily shared his technical knowledge and shot location details.  A full evening of interest to all.

Simon encouraged us to try the following -

  • To get out of our comfort zone - try something new
  • Take a second look - use our imagination
  • Walk around the subject.  Try it from different heights and angles
  • Change our lens, change our perspective
  • Try a day with just a prime lens.  The discipline is good
  • Not forget the rules of thirds, it usually works
  • Focus on the focus point.  Where it will be and why
  • Background matters.  Take our with us to improvise
Check out Simon's website:

Images from five of our members were recently displayed as a panel at the WCPF Kingswood Salver Interclub Print Panel Competition.  Our panel was well-reviewed but not placed.  Unbeknown to at least one of those members, Sue Power, individual images on panels are also judged.  To her great surprise Sue's image, The Bones of Winter, was placed second in the Vivian Croucher Memorial Plate competition!

David presents Sue with her certificate
© John Haines 2018

Next meeting:
To include a review of members' images from Lacock at War, filming in Lacock and Danny's Editing challenge.  Christmas Challenges to be set and yes, an end-of term social!

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