Meeting: Thursday 1 June 2017

Plans for our next meeting include showing members' images of the (1) night sky, (2) weather and (3) their mobile phone images (see below) plus a slide show of a photographic sortie to the Camargue.

Our last meeting was about mobile phone photography, increasing used by even the professionals, so yet another area of photography to try and get out heads around.  Chair Derek Hawkins had set a challenge of ten subjects for everyone to take around Lacock and fortunately the evening turned out warm and dry.  

Back at the hall, there was discussion about what people had taken, how they taken the subjects, their interpretations and about useful apps.  A further challenge was for all to work on those images using editing tools on their phones for review at our next meeting.  Member David Sage and Bob Gabbott gave presentations on their mobile phone images, especially panoramas.

Old time © Derek Hawkins 2017

Face @ Howard Morland 2017

Flower © Philip Male 2017

Reflection © Rose Porfirio 2017