Meeting: Thursday 9 March 2017

Next meeting we will be deciding which images will represent the club at the Tribattle event to be held in Trowbridge on April 6.  Four images in each of ten subject categories have been voted for by members using their home computer screens.  These will be projected on to the larger club screen for a second round of voting to decide which two in each category will go forward to the 'battle' with Trowbridge and Corsham photography clubs.  

Our last meeting took place on the evening of Storm Doris so a smaller crowd than normal enjoyed the practical challenge of Portrait Photography.  Pete Shaw and Philip Male kindly brought in a whole range of equipment - flash and stands, umbrellas, reflectors, backdrops, widgets! - to aid those not so familiar with this type of photography.  There was a good deal of exchange of creative ideas, plenty of advice and regular changes of 'willing' models!!  

Phil S has dark thoughts?
© Derek Hawkins 2017

While Derek has a sparkle in his eyes, oh no sorry, on his shoulder!
© Phil Male 2017

Jean looks for inspiration...
© Paul Hounsell 2017

While Bob goes for the windblown look!
© Rich Bradshaw 2017

Paul H is about to say something surprising...
© Jane Buckle 2017

 Ros enjoys her highlights!
© Phil Smith 2017

Congratulations to Phil Selby who was a runner-up in an Outdoor Photography competition with his image of a flying puffin taken on Skomer. Brilliant!

Meeting: Thursday 23 February 2017

Our next evening meeting will be on Portrait photography led by member Pete Shaw.  We will try not to fall over each other's tripods while trying to take well-lit subjects within the confines of the Manor Room!

The last meeting proved an interesting mix of image review and discussion on several club matters.  We spent most time reviewing our efforts to photograph the Kennet and Avon Canal and the British Landscape.  Both subjects produced good work and will make the choices for the forthcoming Tribattle all the harder.  A few images reflected the weekend's wintry weather!!

Sheep and snow in the Brecon Beacons
© Ruth Baldwin 2017

Snowman fun at Caen Locks, Devizes
© David Sage 2017

We are grateful to the following members who also showed some of their own projects, accompanied by appropriate music:
Philip Male, a timelapse of the Winter Solstice at Avebury;
Derek Hawkins, an AV of Magnificent Men and the Flying Machines, from his collection of photographs of early airplanes;
David Sage, an AV of Autumn Leaves taken at Westonbirt Arboretum