Next meeting: Thursday 12 January 2017 (and report of the last one of 2016)

We plan to start the year with a review of our interpretations of two challenges: (1) The Colour Purple and (2) Repetition.  There will also be a preliminary discussion about the club's 2017 exhibition to include printing, mounts and selling opportunities.

Our last meeting of 2016 started with presentations from two members: Bob Bray showed an AV of Oradour-sur-Glane, the village near Limoges, France where 642 of its inhabitants were massacred by a Nazi Waffen-SS company in 1944 and which today is left in its ruinous state as a memorial to those who died.  An excellent choice of music - Pavane by Foure - helped tell the sad story.  Bob lightened the sombre mood by a fun followup - a visual story about two friends who thought they might try Canadian canoeing but had to deal with the unexpected!

The Doctor's car in Oradour-sur-Glane, as it was left in 1944
© Bob Bray 2016

David Sage showed images relating to his ongoing project about the Jurassic coast, an area that stretches from Exmouth to Purbeck, and also gave an overview of the geology behind the scenery we see today. David finished with an AV and video taken of the firework celebrations in Polperro, Cornwall, this year - a worthy way to start our Christmas social.

Polperro fireworks display
© David Sage 2016

As ever, Jean Drewett did us proud, with a splendid spread which we happily munched our way through will trying to talk photography!  

Happy Christmas to all!

Meeting: Thursday 15 December 2016

Our pre-Christmas meeting will feature member David Sage's presentation on his Jurassic Coast presentation and Bob Bray's AV on Oradour-Sur-Glane and then we will enjoy Jean's wonderful spread to help us enjoy our end-of-term social.

Our last meeting included a review of our images seeking to portray the subject 'Serenity'.  The challenge was to create an image that says 'serenity' to many viewers, rather than us recalling that we felt a sense of serenity when we took the image.  Tricky but achieved brilliantly by some!

© Phil Selby 2016

Member Paul Phelps gave a presentation on the joys of Pinhole Photography, taking us through the equipment, methods and showing some interesting photographers who use this technique. 

The evening was rounded off with a question and answer session on the use of Lightroom, chaired by Pete Shaw.