Meeting: Thursday 15 December 2016

Our pre-Christmas meeting will feature member David Sage's presentation on his Jurassic Coast presentation and Bob Bray's AV on Oradour-Sur-Glane and then we will enjoy Jean's wonderful spread to help us enjoy our end-of-term social.

Our last meeting included a review of our images seeking to portray the subject 'Serenity'.  The challenge was to create an image that says 'serenity' to many viewers, rather than us recalling that we felt a sense of serenity when we took the image.  Tricky but achieved brilliantly by some!

© Phil Selby 2016

Member Paul Phelps gave a presentation on the joys of Pinhole Photography, taking us through the equipment, methods and showing some interesting photographers who use this technique. 

The evening was rounded off with a question and answer session on the use of Lightroom, chaired by Pete Shaw.