Sunday, 15 May 2016

Meeting: Thursday May 26 2016

We are going to be weather dependent for our next meeting!  If it is NOT raining, it will be a bring-your-camera evening and a shoot in Lacock.  If it IS raining, member & wildlife enthusiast Philip Male will be showing some of his many images under the title 'Wildlife & I'.

Our last meeting included Ruth Baldwin giving a presentation about Tim Flach (website:, showing some of his animal images, in particular horses and dogs.  Members discussed his use of unusual cropping and Flach's challenging questions about how we treat animals, what animals might make of us and extreme breeding programmes.

Pete Shaw talked about flash photography, taking us through the equipment we need and giving us a basic technical understanding of such aspects as flash sync speed, TTL, master/slave setups and second curtain sync.  As very few members currently use flash, there were a lot of questions and we hope to experiment a little more in the future.

David Sage advised that members might like to enter the Visit Wiltshire competition by submitting images capturing the essence of life in Wiltshire.  Check out:

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