Sunday, 21 October 2018


Club night began by welcoming visitors followed by a slide presentation from Pete clearly explaining the Exposure Triangle, i.e. the relationship of Aperture, Speed and ISO, plus some tips on how we might use Auto ISO.

Julia then whisked us off to Cape Cod, the hook of land on the eastern seaboard of USA with many lighthouses, shipwrecks, picturesque harbours and clapboard houses.  

Sand patterns © Julia Lloyd Parks 2018

Amanda and Bob compared their different experiences of taking a cruise to Norway.  You take your pick as to whether to take a large or small ship but the weather is still a matter of luck, so Amanda had to contend with violent storms while Bob enjoyed Captain's table and the cabaret in relative calm.

Who knew that Marilyn Monroe was part Norwegian? © Amanda Gregory 2018

Forward into the fjords © Bob Bray 2018

Philip then took us back into a seemingly 'romantic' era via a nighttime shoot in Swindon's STEAM, the Museum of the Great Western Railway, with actors employed to pose as passengers, drivers and guards.

Here's looking at you.... © Philip Male 2018

Next meetings:
Oct 22 : Avebury shoot
Oct 28: Savernake shoot
Nov 1: Talk and practical on judging and critiquing

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