Friday, 8 March 2019


We reviewed all the images that members had submitted for the forthcoming Tribattle and announced those that came top in the voting for each category - Bad Weather, People at Play, Long Exposure, Vegetables, Horse(s) in action, Shadows, Coast, Small matters, Past and Present, Wildlife in their Natural Habitat.  Some categories attracted lots of submissions, others proved more challenging to satisfy.  We will have to wait and see how we get on.....

Comments on individual images were welcomed including suggestions for improvements, particularly on cropping and cloning. Interesting to hear where we had taken images too.  Comments were made about the difference seeing images projected onto a large screen and the smaller ones we see on our home computer screens.  Scale certainly exposes areas for improvements!

Next meeting:

Member's presentation on Around the World Trip
Practical session on Portraiture

Friday, 22 February 2019


A full programme of reviews and presentations last night! We kicked off by catching up with review of some images from earlier Club Challenges - Christmas Night, Extraordinary Ordinary and Doors.  

The first of these saw Christmas lights from a number of surprising locations but it was Derek's images that provoked the most discussion, especially the 'how?'

Christmas night sky © Derek Hawkins 2019

The challenge following on from Simon Caplan's inspirational talk - to photograph something familiar but yet not - saw many intriguing images, some easier to identify than others, but all participants had a bit of fun.

Stack of chairs @ Jane Buckle 2019

Lots of us like a good 'door' image on our travels so there was plenty from around the world on show, a few at a different scale than normal!

A master craftsman's door! © Bob Bray 2019

Blue door, Tunisia © Ruth Baldwin 2019

Next, Danny cherry-picked some of his images from the last 10 years, to show his progress from his initial 'standard' landscape shots to something more creative.

New Zealand Storm © Danny Wootton 2019

Three Waterfalls © Danny Wootton 2019

Sue presented her thoughts on Travel Photography and the challenge she set herself when in Puglia, Italy, last year to try and photograph the influences on life in that part of the world.

Trulli, awaiting conservation © Sue Power 2019

Family size is decreasing ... © Sue Power

Philip had gone to London to the British Life Photography 2019 awards ceremony during the week and brought the book containing his three highly commended images to show members. 

Philip at the British Life Awards © Janet Male 2019

Finally, Bob very kindly brought his brilliant library of photography books in so that members could borrow them.  How lucky are we!

Next meeting: Viewing members' Tribattle Images

Sunday, 10 February 2019


Our Speaker, David Boag, talked enthusiastically on how anybody can Photograph Nature Creatively as long as they followed a few guidelines with whatever equipment they possessed.  

Such as: allowing a creature space to move into, getting down to their eye level, getting close-up for impact, using composition rules such as having foreground interest and understanding that the choice of lens was the most creative decision to make - try wide-angle lens for drama and a strong foreground, telephoto for selecting landscape and foreshortening.

David suggested taking any subject using three different lens and not to forget to use the Depth of Field preview button! See for more information.

Next meeting: Club challenges (Doors, Extraordinary Ordinary, Night) and two members' presentations (Landscape and Travel photography)

Wednesday, 30 January 2019


How proud are we as a club when one of our number enjoys success!  So it is brilliant news that Philip Male has been commended for three of his images in the 2018 British Life Photography Awards.  He will be going to London on February 19 to enjoy the Prizewinners night.

Commended in the Urban Life category © Philip Male 2019

Commended in the British Weather category © Philip Male 2019

Commended in the Urban Life category © Philip Male 2019

Tuesday, 29 January 2019


One of our member's, John, challenged our thinking about What Makes a Good Portrait?  John showed a range of images - both from his collection and from others - to illustrate his discussion. This initiated an animated audience response!  Of course a portrait can be taken in so many diverse ways from artistic to documentary, in the studio or the sitter's environment whatever that might be, in planned lighting or in natural light, in colour or monotone and so on.  Capturing the essence of the person and telling a story must surely be the goal, illustrating emotion and personality the challenge.  We will be testing ourselves by a practical portraiture session later this term!

© John Haines 2019

© John Haines 2019

After our break, Ruth gave us all a treat with lots of images from her several travels entitled Barbs and Camargue.  Her practised eye has caught both light- and dark-coloured horses in both natural and built environments.  She showed their speed in different ways, their animated interactions and even portraiture.  Ruth has used post-processing to give a more artistic interpretation and always sought to find non-intrusive backgrounds and different angles.  She has certainly found her oeuvre!

© Ruth Baldwin 2019

© Ruth Baldwin 2019

Next meeting: David Boag on Photographing Nature more Creatively