The evening began with an Extraordinary General Meeting and a discussion amongst members present about a proposed change to the Club's constitution.  The amendment, considering the length of service in certain Club posts, was narrowly approved and will be effective from next summer.

Member Danny Wootton then took us on a learning curve with a presentation about Composition as applied to landscapes. A review of composition 'rules' led to a discussion about the importance of thinking where to put the subject and inevitably consideration of when to break the 'rules'.  We all agreed that there is no one right or wrong way, but maybe we might consider the 'rules' before having confidence to pursue our own vision of how an image should look.

We concluded the meeting with a look at subjects beginning with the letter B, open to any interpretation. It was good to see newer members posting plenty of images!  The session was run as a critique session with feedback and suggestions from members.  All good fun and a few images discussed shown below.

© Kevin Mahon 2022: Balloon passing over my house

© Tony Bamford 2022: Broadway Tower

© Jean Drewett 2022: Boats (or how Jean had fun at Poole Lifeboat Station!)

© Graham D"Aucourt 2022: Bridge

© Lesley Cadger 2022: Benger

© Pam Bamford 2022: Bee

© Roger Parry 2022: Backlit Butterfly

© Ros Porfirio 2022: Buttons

© Sue Power 2022: Bubbles and Beyond

NEXT MEETING: 6 October: Member's presentation of Multiple Exposure in-camera, plus reviews of two Summer shoots and images taken in September


It was good to start up the face-to-face Club meetings once again, albeit just after the sad announcement of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.  We had plenty to catch up with: friends old and new, plus plenty of images to see!  We were also very happy to welcome several new members.  

After an initial overview of the forthcoming Club year and a reminder about how to critique, including our own images, from David Sage (Chair), Julia Lloyds-Parks took us far away to Namibia, showing some of her images from her trip earlier this year.  Capturing shots of wildlife (large & very small) and the landscapes (including the amazing dunes), Julia used both conventional and impressionistic techniques to illustrate her excellent experience.  

All above images © Julia Lloyd-Parks 2022

The first Club challenge we reviewed was entitled 'My Best Picture of Summer'.  

Wakeboarding © Philip Male 2022

Bumble Bee on Alstroemeria © Roger Parry 2022

Squirrel © Julia Lloyd-Parks 2022

During the summer break three outside shoots were arranged,  The first of these was to Morgan's Hill, near Calne, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest managed by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.  The evening we had chosen was very windy but the light from the setting sun was magical.

 Sun and Wind © Keith Clover 2022

Small Skipper © Sue Power 2022

Woolly Thistle © David Sage 2022

David had set a rolling challenge of subjects or ideas beginning with a letter from the alphabet.  We began naturally enough with 'A', open to anything anybody was inspired to fit in with that letter - interesting interpretations of course! 

Alpha Beer below the Acropolis in Athens during August © Geoff Castle 2022

Aeronautical © Lesley Cadger 2022

Ancient Door with Angels @ Rose Porfirio 2022

NEXT MEETING: 22 September, includes EGM

 MEETING 30.06.22

Lacock Positive held their AGM and discussed plans for the forthcoming Club year.

The next meeting at the Manor Room, Lacock, will be on Thursday 8 September from 7pm.  A number of outside shoots have been arranged during the summer break.

Any enquiries please contact david.sagephotography@gmail.com

MEETING 16.06.22

Pete Shaw kicked the evening off with a detailed look at Photographic Exposure.  With the advent of a new generation of mirrorless cameras he advised that we need to be aware of the factors which could influence the final exposure of our chosen subject.  A useful discussion followed which could help us think more deeply before pressing the button.

Our review of images taken in the previous month of May followed which showed how widely our members' interests spread.  We are blessed with members who take fine images of nature, landscape and travel,  and we also have those who prefer 'planes, trains, people and architecture!  A great mix of approaches from which we each benefit.

© Philip Male 2022

© Phil Selby 2022

© Kevin Mahon 2022

© Julia Lloyd-Parks 2022

© Pete Evans 2022

© Derek Hawkins 2022

© Danny Wootton 2022

© John Winchester 2022

The final part of the evening looked at images mostly taken on a shoot at NT Holt way back in March, a day of surprisingly bright sunshine and breezes.  Some dusted off their macro lens, most experimented with depth of field, while some spent time observing the wildlife! 

© Amanda Gregory 2022

© David Sage 2022

© Martin Jamieson 2022

© Keith Clover 2022

© Rose Porfirio 2022



The AGM which includes a discussion of the programme for 2022-2023 and images taken for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.  Do come and join in the fun!

MEETING 19.05.22

The evening started with member Danny Wootton presenting a talk and images from his enviable trip to Skye and Harris, capturing well the varying weather, moods and colour palettes of the two islands.

All images above © Danny Wootton 2022

Danny followed this up with his images of grasses, both realistic and interpretive, a challenging subject in the prevailing winds as anyone who has tried it quickly finds out!

All images above © Danny Wootton 2022

Another member, Howard Morland, had set a challenge back in March to photograph St Peter's Church in Langley Burrell, a Grade 1 listed building so an important heritage site in that community.  Those that tried the shoot had to overcome difficulties of low light and tricky compositions.  A small selection of the many images taken is shown below.

Both images above © David Sage 2022

© Howard Morland 2022

© Rose Porfirio 2022

The meeting finished with review of the images that had to be taken during the Easter Weekend.  Those submitted covered supermarket marketing, Spring flower beauty, religious celebrations and that fun time, the Easter Egg hunt :)

© Kevin Mahon 2022

© Philip Male 2022

© Roger Parry 2022

© Sue Power 2022

Next meeting: One Month One Photo for May, Pete Shaw taking on Photographic Exposure and review of images from a shoot in The Courts Garden in Holt