Friday, 7 January 2022

MEETING 06.01.22

After being Covid-careful over Christmas, the Club decided to revert to Zoom meetings for a while until there are more encouraging signs that social mixing is safe.   So the first thing on the Zoom agenda was a journey via images from a shoot last Summer which took four members around (1) the older part of central Bristol with its intriguing mix of beautiful architecture, graffiti and youthful activities; (2) the harbourside with its striking graphic shapes of cranes and plenty of boats; (3) and the newer Millenium Square area, a great space for nighttime fun.  Plus Clifton Suspension Bridge for good measure!  A small selection is shown below.


© Images 2021: Mike Hayter 1, 2, 10, 11; David Sage 3, 5, 6, 8; Julia Lloyd-Parks 4, 9;  Danny Wootton 7, 12 

The second part of the evening brought us up to December 2021 with a review of members' images taken as the variable weather allowed.  Plus a reminder about our good fortune in having clean water in this country.





© Images 2021: Ruth Baldwin 1; Amanda Gregory 2; Roger Parry 3; Ros Vickers 4; Sue Power 5; Pete Evans 6

The meeting closed after a reminder about starting preparation for the Club's annual exhibition (May 1 & 2, 2022)

Next meeting: 
Zoom presentation by James Rushforth on Exploring the Italian Dolomites and Iceland

Sunday, 12 December 2021

MEETING 09.12.21

A busy agenda with lots of images to peruse and a longer chance to chat.  Many thanks to those who brought in nibbles and treats to share in the break.  A good way to end 2021 meetings!

David Sage talked about his project '20 images from 20 yards' which he undertook in Swanage.  He based himself in one spot and by using a range of F stops to change the depth of field, a variety of angles and small adjustments to location he challenged himself to find different images.  A couple of his examples are shown below.

Both images © David Sage 2021

Images submitted as taken in November produced many showing the beautiful colours of Autumn in the trees and landscape and with quite a few showing reflections in lakes.  It was lovely to see a submission from one of our Honorary Members, Bob Bray, who has been unable to attend meetings in person for a while.

© Bob Bray 2021

© Ruth Baldwin 2021

© Phil Selby 2021

© Keith Clover 2021

A Club shoot in Savernake mid-November also homed in on the magnificent trees of course but also featured plenty of images of funghi.

© Judy Winchester 2021

© David Sage 2021

© Danny Wootton 2021

Despite the constraints of Covid and all the changes to regulations, Lacock Photography has had a successful year and is pleased to have welcomed new members too.  We meet again on January 6 2022 when there will be a talk on Morocco and reviews of images taken in December and from a shoot in Bristol that took place last August.

Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year to one and all

Saturday, 27 November 2021

 MEETING 25.11.21

Peter Crane ARPS ( gave an interesting and informative talk about his street photography passion.  He talked about his techniques, including shooting from the hip using pre-focus and auto ISO or following an interesting person to get the shot he wanted.   Not the easiest kind of photography without being challenged, he also likes to shoot in colour rather than taking the monochrome route and is prepared to spend time waiting for the right colour combination to come along!

Next meeting: Members' November images and a member's presentation on 20 things from 20 yards, plus our Christmas Social with Jean's super snacks!

Friday, 12 November 2021

 MEETING 11.11.21

Star club member of the meeting was PHILIP MALE, with his presentation 'A Year in the life of a Little Owl family', a distillation of many, many hours of observation and photographing these characterful birds. Afterwards one member commented that watching the story unfold (with excellent stills and videos of course) was 'Better than Autumn or Spring Watch'.  Eat your heart out BBC! (Philip can be followed on Flickr for more wildlife images and other subjects)

All three images above © Philip Male 2021

Most of our members joined in the monthly challenge to submit one image representing their photography during the previous month.  Finding something different is all part of the fun! A few selected from the entries are shown below:

© Pete Evans 2021

© Rose Porfirio 2021

© Keith Clover 2021

© Roger Parry 2021

There was also a colourful short AV on Bristol Street Art in an area around St Pauls and Stokes Croft, wall and house paintings making political, cultural and artistic statements.

© Sue Power 2021

Members were advised that an exhibition by Carinthia West (portraits of famous rockstars and actors) has currently been extended until 31 December at the American Museum

Next meeting: 25 November: A presentation by Peter Crane: Street Photography

Friday, 29 October 2021

 MEETING 28.10.21

An excellent start by two members who opened the meeting - Ros presented an AV of her trip down the Wild Atlantic Way and Julia gave a presentation about her week photographing wildlife in Shetland.


Both images above © Ros Vickers 2021


All three above © Julia Lloyd-Parks 2021

Images from two more summer shoots followed - a few members went to the Barbury Horse Trials while more went to an early evening shoot in Bath.  Barbury was a challenge to capture good rider & horse positions and avoid too much background clutter.  Bath skies were flat and grey so finding good subjects and compositions also proved tricky.


© Amanda Gregory 2021

© Julia Lloyd-Parks 2021

© Sue Power 2021


© Mike Hayter 2021

© Danny Wootton 2021

© Howard Morland 2021

Members will show an AV of Bristol Street Art and a presentation about a Little Owl family, plus a selection of their images taken in October.