Saturday, 6 October 2018


Last meeting's Speaker was Alan Cowley, Fine Art Photographer, who began the evening with an amusing demonstration and striking images related to his previous working life as an academic cardiologist.  There was a short debate about whether photography was an art and the value that it is given compared with other art forms.  Images from Scotland's North Coast 500 followed, a collection illustrating amazing land, sea, sky combinations in both colour and monochrome, his preferred choice.  Alan emphasised the importance of getting the printing, mounting and hanging right when exhibiting images for display or sale.  Alan's images can be seen at

Images from five members have been chosen to be displayed as a panel at a WCPF event in November under the proposed title Tree-mendous Images!

Oaks in Breaking Winter Gloom © Howard Morland 2018

Keeping a Grip on the Earth © Amanda Gregory 2018

The Bones of Winter © Sue Power 2018

Snowy Morning © David Sage 2018

Light Exercise © Philip Male 2018

Next meeting: 
Two members compare their trips to Norway while another goes west to Cape Cod.

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