This evening we covered three areas at our meeting.  Ros Vickers gave a great talk on her trip to Bryce Canyon and Arches in Utah, plus we reviewed our One Photo One Month for March and our letter J challenge.

 Here are four pictures from Ros' presentation

© Ros Vickers

© Ros Vickers

© Ros Vickers

© Ros Vickers

A small selection of our March photos

© Ann Horne

© Caroline Howe

© David Eagle

© Derek Hawkins

© Derek Liversidge

© Julia Lloyd-Parks

© Rob Macklin

© Sue Power

© Tony Bamford

And finally a few from our letter 'J' challenge

J for Jump © Amanda Gregory

J for Junior © Danny Wootton

J for Art of Steam © Helen Day

J for Join Us © Craig Purvis

J for Jurassic Beer © David Sage

J for Jump © Pam Bamford

J for Jackdaw © Philip Male

Danny Wootton mentioned that The Moonwalkers exhibition at the Lightroom in Kings Cross, London is well worth a visit if you have an interest in the Apollo moon landings and photography.