15th February 2024


This evening was given over to the subject of composition in photography and was led by a talk from Danny Wooton, of our own parish. He listed the following "rules" (which are actually more "mild suggestions") with examples:

  • Rule of thirds
  • Central composition and symmetry
  • Foreground interest
  • Frame within a frame
  • Leading lines
  • Diagonals and triangles
  • Repeating patterns and leading lines
  • Negative space
  • Left to right
  • Balance between elements in the scene
  • Golden triangles
  • Golden ratio
  • Human interest (to give scale in vistas)

Then recommended this link:


The evening continued with our chairperson showing a number of (credited) images from the internet, with groups of members discussing what compositional tools had been used in each.

The evening was rounded off by reviewing images taken last December:

© Amanda Gregory

© Caroline Howe

© David Liversidge

Fogbow over Avebury stones © David Sage

© Phil Selby

© Philip Male

© Rob Macklin

© Sue Power


Our next meeting will be on February 29th.