8 June 2023

In this period of warm, dry weather (so far!) it seemed apposite to watch and listen to member Ros's illustrated talk about her time at the Kicheche Bush Camp in Kenya.  Ros told of the trip's concern for a family of cheetah's, a mother with two young sons and a daughter, and their hunt for food. While on this photographic trip other species on the plains were located by the excellent guides. Camp was a generously sized tent and despite having no barriers or guns on site, Ros advised that she slept well while there (from exhaustion after long days!) and felt safe at all times.

All three images below © Ros Vickers

Unknown Male Leopard

Lion Cubs at First Sun

Male Lion from Moniko Pride

A swift look through some of the contributions made by Magnum photographer, Steve McCurry (https://www.stevemccurry.com/), including his well-known image of The Afghan Girl, seen in National Geographic, led member Sue to ask whether she had been influenced by McCurry's photographic philosophy when taking her own images of people on her travels.  As a visual storyteller McCurry aims to make photos that speak of ' the human connection between all of us' as he strives for 'individual pictures that will burn in people's' memories'. 

Summarising lessons that might be learnt from his photographic practice such as looking to tell a story,  finding points of emotional connection, having a 'looser' approach to a journey, playing with colour for impact and inviting curiosity,  Sue looked at some of her own images to see how they shaped up against this target list and invited others to consider McCurry's approach when making images this summer.

All three images below © Sue Power 2023

A look at our 'one month, one image' slot saw some submissions of spectacular landscapes, and interesting 'day's out' shots and also plenty of late Spring 'blue' in the frames.

© Phil Selby 2023

West Wood © Pam Bamford 2023 

Cornflower in Evening Sun © Roger Parry 2023

Broad-bodied Chaser © Graham d'Aucourt 2023

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