Friday, 12 November 2021

 MEETING 11.11.21

Star club member of the meeting was PHILIP MALE, with his presentation 'A Year in the life of a Little Owl family', a distillation of many, many hours of observation and photographing these characterful birds. Afterwards one member commented that watching the story unfold (with excellent stills and videos of course) was 'Better than Autumn or Spring Watch'.  Eat your heart out BBC! (Philip can be followed on Flickr for more wildlife images and other subjects)

All three images above © Philip Male 2021

Most of our members joined in the monthly challenge to submit one image representing their photography during the previous month.  Finding something different is all part of the fun! A few selected from the entries are shown below:

© Pete Evans 2021

© Rose Porfirio 2021

© Keith Clover 2021

© Roger Parry 2021

There was also a colourful short AV on Bristol Street Art in an area around St Pauls and Stokes Croft, wall and house paintings making political, cultural and artistic statements.

© Sue Power 2021

Members were advised that an exhibition by Carinthia West (portraits of famous rockstars and actors) has currently been extended until 31 December at the American Museum

Next meeting: 25 November: A presentation by Peter Crane: Street Photography

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