Mo Connolly, our speaker, talked about her passion for Documentary Photography and asked us to consider whether our photography fell under the definition of Documentary (the truthful recording of events) or Fine Art.  

After illustrating her talk with documentary images by well known photographers, past and present, Mo showed images from her two current projects.  The first, a record of the Volunteers at Salisbury Cathedral (approx. 600!) and their contribution to the smooth running of the building whether it be, for example, dusting, flower arranging or archiving; the second, a study of the members of a Salisbury charity, the Jo Benson Day Centre for adults with physical disabilities.  Mo explained about the permissions needed for both projects and time spent establishing relationships with participants.  

She also brought a selection of documentary books to peruse and examples of her published material, for information and/or fundraising, arising from her projects.  A number of members are now considering projects they may pursue in the near future and what they might do with the images, such as making a book or giving a story-telling presentation to the club.

Next meeting: AGM, shoot images and strawberries!


The challenge 'The Sky's the Limit' brought a mixed bag of interpretations from members - and in Steve's case his gave us a laugh for a horse that wandered into his sky image!  All good fun.

© Derek Hawkins 2019

© Ruth Baldwin 2019

Two presentations followed - Pete's journey to Mongolia and the Eagle hunters shown as slides and videos and Irene's Round the World trip (via Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and USA) shown as AV's.  Seems we are going places!

Next meeting: Speaker Mo Connolly on Documentary Photography


The result of 864 visitors voting for their favourite images is as follows:

1st: He's Not Heavy © Philip Male 2019

2nd: Envelop @ Phil Selby 2019

3rd: Spring Meadow © Phil Selby 2019

4th: Midnight Train © Philip Male 2019

5th: Harvest Mouse © Derek Hawkins 2019

6th: Deckchairs © David Sage 2019

7th: One o'clock, two o'clock © Amanda Gregory 2019

8th: Early Autumn Colour © Danny Wootton 2019

9th: Ragged Robin © Bob Bray 2019

10th: Up Periscope © Philip Male 2019

Come and visit us again - Spring Bank Holiday 2020!


A great Spring Bank Holiday turnout of visitors dropped in to the annual Lacock Positive Print Exhibition, which provided good fun for people trying to chose their 3 favourite images!  

BBC Wiltshire dropped in on Sunday 5 May to interview David Sage, Lacock Positive Chair, to discuss the exhibition.
Lovin' the dark glasses David!

© Geoff Castle 2019

Discussions first about our forthcoming exhibition - Lacock Village Hall, May 5 & 6 - and how we display our images, followed by an ideas session on what it is we want next year's programme to include!  Hopefully we will include a bit to tickle everyone's interest.....

A couple of reviews of images from two Club challenges followed:  Hats and Spring

© David Sage 2019

© Peter Smith 2019

© Philip Male 2019

© Sue Power 2019

We finished with two member presentations: 
An AV by David Sage on Lacock Remembers, a documentary on the efforts various Lacock groups made making poppies to decorate St Cyriac's Church.

© David Sage 2019

Plus a stunning slide show by Ruth Baldwin of her winter journey to Skye where she was 'lucky' to arrive at the same time as the snow in February 2018!  

Next up: Annual Print Exhibition 2019