Friday, 20 April 2018

Challenges, Challenges!!

Members exercised both observation and creative skills for the two club challenges, Fungi and Eggs (our Easter challenge), which we reviewed at our last meeting.

Jean, our in-house mycological expert, told us what fungi we had managed to find and take images of - though we all understood those used in Bob B's image of his breakfast in the frying pan (not the one shown below)!!  A small selection of images follows:

© Bob Bray 2018

© David Sage 2018

© Jean Drewett 2018

As for Eggs, there were those who followed the healthy route but plenty whose images looked very calorific!  A small selection follows:

© Danny Wootton 2018

© Derek Hawkins 2018

© Alan Davis 2018

© Philip Male 2018

Next meeting: 
At least 4 presentations by members - 
North Wiltshire wildlife, Carnevale, Motorsport and a mystery!
Plus a review of 2 challenges - 
Tree(s) and Slimbridge

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