Meeting: Thursday 23 March 2017

We will be taking a look at the Macro world at our next gathering.  Pete Shaw and Bob Bray will guide us through equipment and techniques and Bob will show some of his macro images.  Members are invited to bring their tripod, camera, macro lens or close-up filter and an interesting tabletop item to photograph.

Our last meeting began with a final selection of images for the forthcoming Tribattle with local clubs in Corsham and Trowbridge.  Members voted for the 2 images they each thought best from the four shown in each of the 10 categories.  These will be shown on April 6 at Trowbridge Club's chosen venue.

The second part of the evening included Derek Hawkins' choice of a timelapse video, showing the beauty of and changes in the natural and manmade activity in the Lofoten islands.  This gave rise to requests for a future programme session on timelapse techniques.  In the meanwhile, members were advised to check their cameras, mobiles, GoPro etc for built in timelapse facilities.  LRTimelapse was mentioned as one of the software options for those eager to investigate further.

Pete Shaw followed on with an overview of Lightroom's Library and Import modules.  This gave rise to a whole raft of questions, which were ably demonstrated and answered by Pete and others.