Meeting: Thursday 8 September 2016

The new season will start with:
(1) Tribattle subject: A Pair of.... (2 images max)
(2) Tribattle subject: Movement (2 images max)
(3) Learning points (a) How to use Wiggio (b) resizing images
(4) Challenge for the year: Photobook
(5) Discussion: Calne Multiclub Battle

The final summer photoshoot in August saw 7 of us meeting in Malmesbury.  We went down steps to a view point of the Abbey, then up steps to the Cloisters, then down steps to the Weir and up steps past the Abbey Gardens - at which point the light was fading fast, our legs tiring and our thirst directing us pub-wards (as usual!)

Reflecting life in Malmesbury
© Stuart Barnes 2016

Reflecting the sunset at the Abbey
© David Sage 2016

Going pink in the garden?
© Derek Hawkins 2016

Well we were getting hot after climbing all those stairs...
© Amanda Gregory 2016

At least the duck had its own way of cooling off
© Paul Housell 2016

... and the cat had its own opinion about our antics!
© Sue Power 2016

Summer special!

A winning look captured during the Honiton Show - 

Just hold still!
© Jean Drewett 2016

Summer shoot 5: Thursday August 18 2016

Our fifth and final summer photoshoot will be in Malmesbury. Meet Ruth Baldwin & Amanda Gregory at 7pm by the Market Cross.

A brilliant nine of us turned up in the Car Park next to SS Great Britain, Bristol, on our fourth outing.  Six visited the restored boat and said they climbed the rigging (hmmm) ...... while three went in search of other challenges (photographically possibly!)  There appeared to be many other photography groups around the harbour with the same idea!  

Turns out it was actually a young boy who climbed the rigging!
© Bob Bray 2016

While some mad men threw themselves off a crane...
© Sue Power 2016

And possibly found themselves not where they expected!!
© David Sage 2016

Meanwhile Amanda found Goth glamour at the water's edge
© Amanda Gregory 2016

Summer shoot 4: Sunday August 14 2016

Our 4th photoshoot will be at Bristol Docks.  Meet at 11am in the SS Great Britain Car Park in Bristol.

Our third photoshoot at Avebury went off smoothly with 7 members taking an interesting variety of images in fairly good weather.  The route taken was through the village, the churchyard, past the Manor House and then around the stones which led, inevitably, back to the Red Lion!

Avebury Manor © David Sage 2016

Scruffy! © Philip Male 2016

Tracing roots © Amanda Gregory 2016

Evening sun © Bob Bray 2016