Summer shoot 1: Thursday 7 July 2016

Now that Summer is officially here (even if not always obvious!), we have plans to continue meeting over the next few months at various town locations for evening shoots.  The first trip will be to Bradford-on-Avon, meeting at 7pm at the Station Car Park and the contact there will be Derek Hawkins.

Our last meeting was one of several parts.  We held our AGM and the committee for 2016-17 was agreed: Chair - Derek Hawkins, Deputy Chair - t/f, Treasurer - Ruth Baldwin, Programme Lead - Sue Power.  Plus: Paul Phelps will plan the 2017 exhibition, Bob Bray will look after the photography book library and Jean Drewett will continue to be i/c refreshments and represent the club on the Village Hall Committee.  Among other items discussed: the membership and meeting fee will remain the same and reviews of the way we conduct critiques of members' images and how we pass on information from more experienced members to those with less need to be held.  Thanks were given to all contributors to the club.

Next, we enjoyed Howard Morland's presentation of the work of Thomas Heaton, a landscape photographer based in Tynemouth.  This featured both slide images and a video showing Heaton's work in Iceland and Scandinavia, and both prompted a good discussion.  

The plan had been to show members' images for the first of the Tribattle challenges but technical difficulties meant we had to postpone this until the Autumn.  So we wrapped up the evening with an 'end of year' social by enjoying Jean's overflowing table of strawberries, meringues, cream and other delectables! 

The next meeting in the Manor Room will be September 8 2016.

Meeting: Thursday 23 June 2016

At our next meeting we will be taking a first look at images for the challenge 'A Pair of...'.  Howard Morland will be talking about a photographer he admires - Thomas Heaton ( from Tynemouth.  And to round it off we will conduct our AGM and enjoy a social drink!

It was a shame that fine weather or holidays maybe prevented more people coming to our last meeting as we had an excellent evening.  To start, members' low level images from 9 June were shown - Derek showed one with a GoPro camera half in and half out of the River Avon while Amanda stood in the river to take one of hers!   Jane looked up at birds and signs while Philip showed an AV of 'grave' images taken on a 16-35mm lens at f/2.8.

Philip Male talked on 'Wildlife and I' and took us through his photographic career from his start as a young teenager discovering that shooting wildlife with a camera is better than doing it with an air rifle.  He talked about the cameras, lens and hides he has used over time and showed excellent images of birds and animals taken in his garden, the UK and the USA.   

Bob Bray then showed results of taking motion-triggered infra-red video in his garden.  We were amazed at shots of an athletic fox and hedgehog.

Derek Hawkins shared results of some of his long-term projects.  The first was a sequence of time-lapse images from 2015 set to well-chosen music and secondly, a different look at well-known monuments and White Horses in and around Wiltshire.  Derek uses GoPro & Mobius cameras & his I-Phone to get his great output.