Meeting: Thursday May 12 2016

Next meeting will include Pete Shaw talking about Flash Photography and Ruth Baldwin giving a presentation on Tim Flach, photographer specialising in animal images (especially horses and dogs).  There will also be a review of the Club's Annual Exhibition, due to take place over the Spring Bank holiday.

Last meeting saw Amanda Gregory giving a slide show of her favourite images from 2015, covering her many travels over the year around Europe and the Caribbean, the South West of England, the Lake District and Yorkshire.  She particularly enjoyed the Whitby Goth Festival and showed images of those people who love to get dressed up and be photographed!

Phil Selby gave a presentation on the rules of composition and what our unconscious visual preferences are.  He covered the Golden Triangle, the Rule of Odds and the work of Leonardo Fibonacci (1170 - 1250) which led to the discovery of the Golden Ratio and the importance of 1: 1.618 as it applies to the universe, plus Phi grids and the Rule of Triangles.   Phil pointed out that while televisions, laptops, tablets and mobiles observe this ratio, cameras do not, especially DSLRs (2 x 3), so that cropping to a better visual proportion can play an important part of post-processing.

The Club is going for the third round of the Tribattle with Corsham and Trowbridge photography clubs.  The list of subjects to prepare images for was announced (sent to all members by email).