Meeting: April 28 2016

Our next meeting will feature members Phil Selby, giving a masterclass on Composition and Amanda Gregory with a slide show of her Favourite Images from 2015.

Our last meeting started with Sue Power giving a Famous Photographer talk about Eugene Atget and Berenice Abbott, whose early twentieth century photography in New York was much influenced by Atget's late nineteenth century images of Paris.  

Pete Shaw demonstrated his home-built time-lapse equipment which he can set for a start and finish position, and move the camera vertically and horizontally, plus pan, tilt and slide it along a track.  He demonstrated his early experiments around Lacock; he used LRTimelapse to process the RAW images. With his trials taking nearly 400 images a run, he deletes the images once the final time-lapse has been completed in order to keep computer space to a minimum.

Stephen Davis shared his Woodland images and explained his different techniques.  He took us through the year via Spring flowers such as marsh marigolds, wood anemones, ramson, wild cherry and bluebells through to Winter's snow-covered trees.  Most shots were from Wiltshire but Stephen also included some images from Poland where he lived for a while.  He talked about the use of the weather, paths to get satisfactory lead-in lines, cropping images and different lenses to get the effect he wants.  Stephen favours a Benbo tripod.