Meeting Notes – New Photography Group

19 November 2009 – The Bell Inn, Lacock

Attendees: Jean Drewett, Anna & Simon Durrant, John Penn, Pete Shaw, Fiona Turnbull, Janet Isles, James & Sheila.

1.Key Discussions Points

Everyone who came to the first meeting of the proposed new Lacock photography group was most enthusiastic and keen to participate in the proposed new organisation! The main points that were made were:

  • Improving our individual photography skills was important to everyone.
  • Want to create an inclusive, enjoyable atmosphere within the photography group, which is welcoming to photographers of all standards.
  • Participating in external photography competitions and holding photography exhibitions were future goals
  • A possible commercial aspect to the club will be considered in the future.
  • Active recruitment of new members will take place once the club becomes more established.
  • Having a web site is essential to promote communication between members and showcase our photographs.
  • Suggested format for our club night could include a Q&A session, a critique of members photos, presentations etc.
  • Pete’s web site: