Monday, 12 August 2019

Out and about....part 3 - Bradford-on-Avon

The end of July, a lovely summer evening and a trip to Bradford-on-Avon.  Changeable weather gave some challenges, but also brought out everyone's creativity 
 © David Sage 2019

 © Derek Hawkins 2019

 © Keith Clover 2019

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Out and about....part 2 - canals and country parks

We must have a thing about canals.  A month after some of our club members visited Cean Hill Locks in Devizes, eight of us took a trip to Bathampton for a stroll along the canal, oh and a visit to the pub.
  © Amanda Gregory 2019
© David Sage 2019

  © Philip Male 2019
© Sue Power 2019

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Out & About

Getting out and about.  That's the agenda for Lacock Positive members throughout the summer months.  Rather than our usual fortnightly club meets in the village hall in Lacock, we arrange trips to various photo shoot various locations.

On the 27th June we met up in Corsham, yes, where some of Poldark is filmed, for a smartphone photography challenge
© David Sage 2019

© Julia Lloyd-Parks 2019

On Sunday 7th July, we met up at Dyrham Park, a National Trust property 20 miles north of Bath. Dyrham is a great site, with park land, deer and a great historic house.....what's not to like?
 © Amanda Gregory 2019

 © Derek Hawkins 2019

 © Philip Male 2019

 © Sue Power 2019

Friday, 14 June 2019


We ended our Club year with a review of images from a recent shoot at Caen Hill Locks, our A.G.M., which included the  election of new officers, and celebrated all with our star caterer, Jean, serving strawberries, creams and meringues to our discerning members!  

© Jane Buckle 2019

 © Amanda Gregory 2019

© Peter Smith 2019

Our new Club year starts September 5 but we will continue with shoots throughout the summer break.  

Friday, 31 May 2019


Mo Connolly, our speaker, talked about her passion for Documentary Photography and asked us to consider whether our photography fell under the definition of Documentary (the truthful recording of events) or Fine Art.  

After illustrating her talk with documentary images by well known photographers, past and present, Mo showed images from her two current projects.  The first, a record of the Volunteers at Salisbury Cathedral (approx. 600!) and their contribution to the smooth running of the building whether it be, for example, dusting, flower arranging or archiving; the second, a study of the members of a Salisbury charity, the Jo Benson Day Centre for adults with physical disabilities.  Mo explained about the permissions needed for both projects and time spent establishing relationships with participants.  

She also brought a selection of documentary books to peruse and examples of her published material, for information and/or fundraising, arising from her projects.  A number of members are now considering projects they may pursue in the near future and what they might do with the images, such as making a book or giving a story-telling presentation to the club.

Next meeting: AGM, shoot images and strawberries!

Friday, 17 May 2019


The challenge 'The Sky's the Limit' brought a mixed bag of interpretations from members - and in Steve's case his gave us a laugh for a horse that wandered into his sky image!  All good fun.

© Derek Hawkins 2019

© Ruth Baldwin 2019

Two presentations followed - Pete's journey to Mongolia and the Eagle hunters shown as slides and videos and Irene's Round the World trip (via Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and USA) shown as AV's.  Seems we are going places!

Next meeting: Speaker Mo Connolly on Documentary Photography

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


The result of 864 visitors voting for their favourite images is as follows:

1st: He's Not Heavy © Philip Male 2019

2nd: Envelop @ Phil Selby 2019

3rd: Spring Meadow © Phil Selby 2019

4th: Midnight Train © Philip Male 2019

5th: Harvest Mouse © Derek Hawkins 2019

6th: Deckchairs © David Sage 2019

7th: One o'clock, two o'clock © Amanda Gregory 2019

8th: Early Autumn Colour © Danny Wootton 2019

9th: Ragged Robin © Bob Bray 2019

10th: Up Periscope © Philip Male 2019

Come and visit us again - Spring Bank Holiday 2020!

Monday, 6 May 2019


A great Spring Bank Holiday turnout of visitors dropped in to the annual Lacock Positive Print Exhibition, which provided good fun for people trying to chose their 3 favourite images!  

BBC Wiltshire dropped in on Sunday 5 May to interview David Sage, Lacock Positive Chair, to discuss the exhibition.
Lovin' the dark glasses David!

© Geoff Castle 2019

Friday, 3 May 2019


Discussions first about our forthcoming exhibition - Lacock Village Hall, May 5 & 6 - and how we display our images, followed by an ideas session on what it is we want next year's programme to include!  Hopefully we will include a bit to tickle everyone's interest.....

A couple of reviews of images from two Club challenges followed:  Hats and Spring

© David Sage 2019

© Peter Smith 2019

© Philip Male 2019

© Sue Power 2019

We finished with two member presentations: 
An AV by David Sage on Lacock Remembers, a documentary on the efforts various Lacock groups made making poppies to decorate St Cyriac's Church.

© David Sage 2019

Plus a stunning slide show by Ruth Baldwin of her winter journey to Skye where she was 'lucky' to arrive at the same time as the snow in February 2018!  

Next up: Annual Print Exhibition 2019

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Three's for the Crowd

We reviewed images from one of our Club Challenges, the subject 'Three' - these included images of wildlife, plants, still life, street photography and creative.  A few examples below.

© Pete Shaw 2019

© Steve Barnett 2019

© Jane Buckle 2019

© Bob Bray 2019

© Alan Davis 2019

We also reviewed our various efforts at portraiture from a practical evening and also discussed the different ways we had processed them in post-production. What are the aims of a portrait?  Do we shoot what we see or what the 'client' wants to see?  How do we use the tools we have to greatest effect e.g. skin softening? Challenges we will be revisiting.

Two members presented images from living photographers with which they had made connection.  
Philip M chose Joan Atkinson, an artist / photographer living in Maine, for her images of wildlife, cats and dreamy flowers, see

Howard chose two, Olga Karlovac for her monotone street photography
and  Chris Dale, for his creative landscapes,

Vision and creativity were the linking factors in these choices and made us think that we too needed to experiment more. Guess we won't be running out of challenges anytime soon!

Next meeting: Review of Easter subject 'Spring', Club challenge 'Hats' among other things!

Saturday, 13 April 2019


We enjoyed the second round of the 2018-2020 Tribattle with Corsham and Trowbridge Camera Clubs in Lacock Village Hall, judged by Sue O'Connell and Peter Brisley, and came away the winners for the second year running.  Lacock came first in 15 out of the 20 rounds.

Below a selection of images from each of the contributors representing Lacock Positive.  Well done everybody!

© Ruth Baldwin 2019 - Horses in Action

© Bob Bray 2019 - Past & Present

@ Phil Selby 2019 - Long Exposure

© Amanda Gregory 2019 - Small Matters

@ Danny Wootton 2019 - Coast

© Philip Male 2019 - Bad Weather

© David Sage 2019 - Past & Present

© Sue Power 2019 - Shadows

Friday, 5 April 2019


We were given a very well illustrated and informative talk from our speaker for the night, Allen Lloyd (see, called Starry Nights.

Allen advised the best months for photographing the Milky Way was from now until the end of September, between the preferred hours of 10.30 pm - 6.30 am.  He described the different techniques needed for taking star trails, super moons, landscapes by moonlight, split shots, stacked images and panoramas.

Many of Allen's images were from the least light-polluted areas of South and Mid Wales, but a few from other dark areas such as La Palma in the Canaries.  

There is an useful way of finding dark areas - see  Allen also recommended PhotPills app for location information and Starry Landscape Stacker for stacking images.

Next meeting:
Club challenges & shoot reviewed, plus talks on other photographers

Saturday, 23 March 2019


We had a practical session on Portraiture with one of our members, John, providing both a backdrop and studio lighting.  Arrangements had been made with two work colleagues to be our 'models' for the night and they kindly endured our directions of 'this way, that way'.  John also guided us on what camera settings to use and how to achieve different results by moving the studio light and using different light settings.  

Allen Lloyd will speak on 'Starry Nights'

Friday, 8 March 2019


We reviewed all the images that members had submitted for the forthcoming Tribattle and announced those that came top in the voting for each category - Bad Weather, People at Play, Long Exposure, Vegetables, Horse(s) in action, Shadows, Coast, Small matters, Past and Present, Wildlife in their Natural Habitat.  Some categories attracted lots of submissions, others proved more challenging to satisfy.  We will have to wait and see how we get on.....

Comments on individual images were welcomed including suggestions for improvements, particularly on cropping and cloning. Interesting to hear where we had taken images too.  Comments were made about the difference seeing images projected onto a large screen and the smaller ones we see on our home computer screens.  Scale certainly exposes areas for improvements!

Next meeting:

Member's presentation on Around the World Trip
Practical session on Portraiture

Friday, 22 February 2019


A full programme of reviews and presentations last night! We kicked off by catching up with review of some images from earlier Club Challenges - Christmas Night, Extraordinary Ordinary and Doors.  

The first of these saw Christmas lights from a number of surprising locations but it was Derek's images that provoked the most discussion, especially the 'how?'

Christmas night sky © Derek Hawkins 2019

The challenge following on from Simon Caplan's inspirational talk - to photograph something familiar but yet not - saw many intriguing images, some easier to identify than others, but all participants had a bit of fun.

Stack of chairs @ Jane Buckle 2019

Lots of us like a good 'door' image on our travels so there was plenty from around the world on show, a few at a different scale than normal!

A master craftsman's door! © Bob Bray 2019

Blue door, Tunisia © Ruth Baldwin 2019

Next, Danny cherry-picked some of his images from the last 10 years, to show his progress from his initial 'standard' landscape shots to something more creative.

New Zealand Storm © Danny Wootton 2019

Three Waterfalls © Danny Wootton 2019

Sue presented her thoughts on Travel Photography and the challenge she set herself when in Puglia, Italy, last year to try and photograph the influences on life in that part of the world.

Trulli, awaiting conservation © Sue Power 2019

Family size is decreasing ... © Sue Power

Philip had gone to London to the British Life Photography 2019 awards ceremony during the week and brought the book containing his three highly commended images to show members. 

Philip at the British Life Awards © Janet Male 2019

Finally, Bob very kindly brought his brilliant library of photography books in so that members could borrow them.  How lucky are we!

Next meeting: Viewing members' Tribattle Images