Tuesday, 31 October 2017

5 October 2017 Meeting Notes

Derek welcomed Robert Harvey, our guest speaker to talk about his selection of images “By The Sea”.

Derek reminded everyone that at our next meeting we will review images of “Action” and that these need to be submitted via Goggle drive no later than Monday 16th October. He also reminded us that the next meeting would be an active critique evening and for everyone to bring in 4 prints of either their own, or images that they have selected, to critique.

We then proceeded to enjoy Robert’s presentation. His images are from all around the British Isles, and he stressed the importance of doing homework with regard to tides and the moon phase, the position of the sun and times of sunset and sunrise as well as the time of year. Calm seas and wet beaches for good reflections, long exposures to enhance calmness and reflections, and also rough seas for dramatic waves. He also stressed the importance of the geology of the rocks and the topography of the shoreline and using foreground detail to enhance an image.

After a very enjoyable 2 hours Peter thanked Robert for his stimulating talk and we all showed our appreciation.

Robert concluded with a reminder that Charlie Waite was speaking at Bradford on Avon 11th November and that tickets were available at £15 per head. 

He also gave details of his workshops should anyone be interested.

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