Friday, 19 August 2016

Meeting: Thursday 8 September 2016

The new season will start with:
(1) Tribattle subject: A Pair of.... (2 images max)
(2) Tribattle subject: Movement (2 images max)
(3) Learning points (a) How to use Wiggio (b) resizing images
(4) Challenge for the year: Photobook
(5) Discussion: Calne Multiclub Battle

The final summer photoshoot in August saw 7 of us meeting in Malmesbury.  We went down steps to a view point of the Abbey, then up steps to the Cloisters, then down steps to the Weir and up steps past the Abbey Gardens - at which point the light was fading fast, our legs tiring and our thirst directing us pub-wards (as usual!)

Reflecting life in Malmesbury
© Stuart Barnes 2016

Reflecting the sunset at the Abbey
© David Sage 2016

Going pink in the garden?
© Derek Hawkins 2016

Well we were getting hot after climbing all those stairs...
© Amanda Gregory 2016

At least the duck had its own way of cooling off
© Paul Housell 2016

... and the cat had its own opinion about our antics!
© Sue Power 2016

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