Three's for the Crowd

We reviewed images from one of our Club Challenges, the subject 'Three' - these included images of wildlife, plants, still life, street photography and creative.  A few examples below.

© Pete Shaw 2019

© Steve Barnett 2019

© Jane Buckle 2019

© Bob Bray 2019

© Alan Davis 2019

We also reviewed our various efforts at portraiture from a practical evening and also discussed the different ways we had processed them in post-production. What are the aims of a portrait?  Do we shoot what we see or what the 'client' wants to see?  How do we use the tools we have to greatest effect e.g. skin softening? Challenges we will be revisiting.

Two members presented images from living photographers with which they had made connection.  
Philip M chose Joan Atkinson, an artist / photographer living in Maine, for her images of wildlife, cats and dreamy flowers, see

Howard chose two, Olga Karlovac for her monotone street photography
and  Chris Dale, for his creative landscapes,

Vision and creativity were the linking factors in these choices and made us think that we too needed to experiment more. Guess we won't be running out of challenges anytime soon!

Next meeting: Review of Easter subject 'Spring', Club challenge 'Hats' among other things!


We enjoyed the second round of the 2018-2020 Tribattle with Corsham and Trowbridge Camera Clubs in Lacock Village Hall, judged by Sue O'Connell and Peter Brisley, and came away the winners for the second year running.  Lacock came first in 15 out of the 20 rounds.

Below a selection of images from each of the contributors representing Lacock Positive.  Well done everybody!

© Ruth Baldwin 2019 - Horses in Action

© Bob Bray 2019 - Past & Present

@ Phil Selby 2019 - Long Exposure

© Amanda Gregory 2019 - Small Matters

@ Danny Wootton 2019 - Coast

© Philip Male 2019 - Bad Weather

© David Sage 2019 - Past & Present

© Sue Power 2019 - Shadows


We were given a very well illustrated and informative talk from our speaker for the night, Allen Lloyd (see, called Starry Nights.

Allen advised the best months for photographing the Milky Way was from now until the end of September, between the preferred hours of 10.30 pm - 6.30 am.  He described the different techniques needed for taking star trails, super moons, landscapes by moonlight, split shots, stacked images and panoramas.

Many of Allen's images were from the least light-polluted areas of South and Mid Wales, but a few from other dark areas such as La Palma in the Canaries.  

There is an useful way of finding dark areas - see  Allen also recommended PhotPills app for location information and Starry Landscape Stacker for stacking images.

Next meeting:
Club challenges & shoot reviewed, plus talks on other photographers