How proud are we as a club when one of our number enjoys success!  So it is brilliant news that Philip Male has been commended for three of his images in the 2018 British Life Photography Awards.  He will be going to London on February 19 to enjoy the Prizewinners night.

Commended in the Urban Life category © Philip Male 2019

Commended in the British Weather category © Philip Male 2019

Commended in the Urban Life category © Philip Male 2019


One of our member's, John, challenged our thinking about What Makes a Good Portrait?  John showed a range of images - both from his collection and from others - to illustrate his discussion. This initiated an animated audience response!  Of course a portrait can be taken in so many diverse ways from artistic to documentary, in the studio or the sitter's environment whatever that might be, in planned lighting or in natural light, in colour or monotone and so on.  Capturing the essence of the person and telling a story must surely be the goal, illustrating emotion and personality the challenge.  We will be testing ourselves by a practical portraiture session later this term!

© John Haines 2019

© John Haines 2019

After our break, Ruth gave us all a treat with lots of images from her several travels entitled Barbs and Camargue.  Her practised eye has caught both light- and dark-coloured horses in both natural and built environments.  She showed their speed in different ways, their animated interactions and even portraiture.  Ruth has used post-processing to give a more artistic interpretation and always sought to find non-intrusive backgrounds and different angles.  She has certainly found her oeuvre!

© Ruth Baldwin 2019

© Ruth Baldwin 2019

Next meeting: David Boag on Photographing Nature more Creatively

While many of us are probably spending more time indoors at the moment, two of our members showed what wildlife we can find in our very own gardens if we only make time to look and find ways of photographing what we find.

David showed images from his hedgehog project based in his Chippenham garden.  He has been helped by wildlife photographer Nick Upton (see to set up means of photographing hedgehogs at night.  David gave technical explanations and also what it takes to feed and encourage hedgehogs to stay and clear the garden of slugs and other pests!

Setting up © David Sage 2019

Capturing hedgehog behaviour © David Sage 2019

Bob followed with a DVD of badgers raiding his greenhouse in his garden in Trowbridge and amazed all by showing how high badgers can reach.  He followed this with images of birds making the most of his birdbath and its surroundings.  

Demanding bird behaviour! © Bob Bray 2019

Anyone got a towel?  © Bob Bray 2019

We resolved to follow David and Bob's lead and find more time and patience to both watch and attempt to capture what we have right outside our doors!

Next meeting: 
Reviews of members images for Club Challenges: (1) Door(s);  (2) Nighttime; (3) Extraordinary Ordinary
Plus members presentations on Wild Horses and What makes a Good Portrait