SUMMER SHOOT No 3 - Savernake Forest

After days of sweltering heat, it was quite a relief to walk gently through the woods in the cool of an early evening.  Seven of us met up and we soon scattered among the trees to find something that appealed to our photographic eyes.  We met up - of course - for a swift cool drink afterwards on the way home!

The motley crew seek their revenge!
© Jane Buckle 2018

© Ros Vickers 2018

© Pete Shaw 2018

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SUMMER SHOOT No 2 - Tetbury

Just 3 of us managed to get to Tetbury on the allotted day due to holidays and the like.  The light was rather bright and the traffic in the centre somewhat busy but we managed to find spots of quirky interest none the less.

© Rose Porfirio 2018

© Sue Power 2018

© Amanda Gregory 2018

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SUMMER SHOOT No 1 - Amanda's garden!

The weather was just right for a nine of us to populate Amanda's well-tended garden in the hope of improving our macro photography skills and/or finding new angles on flower photography.  There were also a few who came to watch and just enjoy the setting!  A good start to our summer outings.

© Amanda Gregory 2018

© Julia Lloyd-Parks 2018

© Philip Male 2018

Next shoot: Tetbury