Critique and editing

Adrian Herring reviewed RAW images from members and used these to illustrate the editing possibilities using Adobe Camera Raw and a little bit of Photoshop.  All it needs is a bit of time and experimentation to produce something more striking or at least different!

Adrian and Vanessa Herring went on to show some of their own images and prints and explained their editing decisions, sometimes also showing the differences between printing papers. Their images were selected from their many trips around the world.

© Dorothy D'Addio 2018

Post-editing by Adrian Herring

© Ros Vickers 2018

Post- editing by Adrian Herring

Next meeting:
Don Bishop will be talking on his 'Visions of the Landscape'

Club Challenge - Coast

Besides seeing all the images taken and chosen for the upcoming Tribattle with two other clubs, we spent time looking at members' posts for the challenge 'Coast'.  These highlighted a range of techniques used with a variety of equipment and, at minimum, reminded us to remember to straighten our horizons!

© Philip Male 2018

© Leonora Mason 2018

© Derek Hawkins 2018

Our next meeting, March 22, will feature Adrian and Vanessa Herring talking on Image critique and Editing.  Brave members have given Adrian some images to critique and edit for the better!