September 21 2017 Meeting Notes

Derek welcomed everyone to the Club and said that Pete would be giving a presentation, Phil would be showing us some AVs and Bob would also be showing us an AV.

He also said that Bob had put the book library on Google Drive and if anybody would like to borrow a book to please send him an e-mail and he will arrange to bring it to the next available meeting.  

Derek said he would be arranging a couple of Autumn Photo sessions at Westonburt on Sundays in October and would let everybody have the details shortly.  He would also be arranging a session at Bradford on Avon at the end of November/December.  

Robert Harvey would be giving a presentation to the Club at the next meeting on the 5th October with a theme of ‘By the Sea’.  

On the 19th October and theme of the meeting will be ‘Action’.  If you would like to take ‘Action’ photographs there is a practice motorcycle race at Box on the 8th October, Derek will advise you of the times.  Also Bowood Country Fair will be on this Saturday 23rd September and also on the same day the Country Comes to Town Fair will be held at Devizes from 10am onwards.

Pete gave a good presentation on Lightroom and demonstrated how to improve your photographs.  He took a number of questions, this will help everybody get the best results from their photographs.

David told everybody about ‘We Transfer’ which will allow you to transfer large files via e-mail.

Bob gave us a presentation on ‘Fake News’.

Phil gave a slide show titled ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ about a rabbit, ‘Knights In White Satin’ with pictures of white birds and ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Thanks to everybody who contributed. See you all on the 5th.   

September 7 Meeting Notes

Derek the Chair, welcomed everyone back after the summer break and also welcomed the potential new members.

Derek covered the fact that we could no longer use Wiggio as our communication platform and that Rich had kindly set up Google Drive which Phil Male and Sue Power will oversee. Details prepared by Rich on having a gmail account and then how to use Google Drive had already been sent out to members but would be sent again as needed. Rich was thanked in his absence for all his hard work.
A few questions were raised from the floor and were answered by Derek, Phil and Sue. Phil also gave a demonstration of Google Drive and how to use it.

Bob Bray requested that the clubs library of books be listed and this was agreed. 
There is a reference area and a members area, the first for information and the second for members use.

Special reference was made to naming images uploaded, and must have the persons name, underscore, subject then number 1 or 2 if more than one image submitted e.g. JoeB_Lacock1.jpg

We then all put our ideas for our photo challenges over the year and 6 were selected at random.

  1. Action reviewed October 16th
  2. Water, reviewed November 27th
  3. Fruit, reviewed December 11th
  4. Coast, reviewed March 5th
  5. Fungi, reviewed April 16th
  6. Trees, reviewed May 30th.

No more than 2 images per person,  preferably not more than 2 mb, photos to be taken on or after 1st January 2017, but the idea is to get out there and take new ones for the challenge!

Images to be actively critiqued at the review sessions, these sessions to be led by a person who has undergone the critiquing training. It would also be nice if the person submitting the image gave their own thoughts on their image.

We then viewed the images submitted from the summer shoots held over the summer.

Sue Power have an a.v. presentation of her holiday to Connemara in the summer. Sue was dogged by constant wind and rain and grey skies, however, undaunted, Sue turned this around and produced the most wonderful set of images of moody skies and saturated (both in colour and water!) wind blown landscapes. It just shows what can be achieved in the most appalling of conditions, and stretches us to work outside our comfort zones, and this was certainly an inspirational collection.

Meeting: Thursday 7 September 2017

Starts at 7pm - see you there!