Members' Exhibitions news

Members David Sage and Bob Bray's images of Lacock are being shown again in Chippenham, see details below:

Meeting: Thursday 6 October 2016

This meeting will include reviewing members' images of Birds, Bees and Butterflies and a slideshow on landscape by Howard Morland.

The previous meeting saw AVs or slideshows produced by the following members - Bob Bray, Pate Shaw, Philip Male, David Sage, Derek Hawkins and Sue Power - which were enjoyed by all attendees.  Each explained about their show including the process and software used.

Meeting: Thursday 22 September 2016

Our next meeting is an AV & slideshow night which may include: 
AVs by Sue Power (Copenhagen); Pete Shaw (Svalbard), Philip Male (Rich Pickings and Just for Ewe); Bob Bray (Ugly Bug Ball and Blackbird Family);  slideshow by David Sage (Chippenham)
Also, Learning Points - How to create an AV! 

Our first meeting included a review of images under the titles 'A Pair of...' and 'Movement' .  Images seen showed a healthily broad range of interpretations though we debated what might be appropriate in a Judge's view!  

We also discussed our use of Wiggio and resolved a few problems that had been arising. It was agreed that some members would have a go in the Calne Multiclub DPI battle.

A good start to the club year with plenty of contributions both visual and verbal!!