Meeting: Thursday May 12 2016

Next meeting will include Pete Shaw talking about Flash Photography and Ruth Baldwin giving a presentation on Tim Flach, photographer specialising in animal images (especially horses and dogs).  There will also be a review of the Club's Annual Exhibition, due to take place over the Spring Bank holiday.

Last meeting saw Amanda Gregory giving a slide show of her favourite images from 2015, covering her many travels over the year around Europe and the Caribbean, the South West of England, the Lake District and Yorkshire.  She particularly enjoyed the Whitby Goth Festival and showed images of those people who love to get dressed up and be photographed!

Phil Selby gave a presentation on the rules of composition and what our unconscious visual preferences are.  He covered the Golden Triangle, the Rule of Odds and the work of Leonardo Fibonacci (1170 - 1250) which led to the discovery of the Golden Ratio and the importance of 1: 1.618 as it applies to the universe, plus Phi grids and the Rule of Triangles.   Phil pointed out that while televisions, laptops, tablets and mobiles observe this ratio, cameras do not, especially DSLRs (2 x 3), so that cropping to a better visual proportion can play an important part of post-processing.

The Club is going for the third round of the Tribattle with Corsham and Trowbridge photography clubs.  The list of subjects to prepare images for was announced (sent to all members by email).

Sunday 1 May & Monday 2 May: Lacock Positive Exhibition - Roll up! Roll up!

The Annual Exhibition of photographs by Club members will take place in Lacock Village Hall on the Sunday & Monday of the early Spring Bank Holiday.  100 images will be on display, many of which will be on sale.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will also be available!  Free Entry!

Also on display, in the Manor Room behind the Village Hall, will be a display of images from the 'Lacock - A Changing English Village' project which was undertaken by Bob Bray & David Sage in conjunction with Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre.  Copies of the book of the project will also be on sale.  Free Entry!

Tribattle - Lacock Positive winners were.....

© Philip Male: Predators
© Philip Male: Traces of Smoke
© Philip Male: Minimalism
© Philip Male: Right Place, Right Time
© Phil Selby: Contrast
© Phil Selby: Flying
© Phil Selby: Right Place, Right Time
© Sue Power: Minimalism
© Sue Power: Urban Decay
© Howard Morland: Rural Landscape
© Pete Shaw: Predators
© Derek Hawkins: Flying

Well done to everyone!

Tribattle result!

The final result of a well-attended 'Tri-Battle' tonight was 
Lacock Positive       46 points
Trowbridge              40 points 
Corsham                 34 points

Judging was by Adrian Herring who offered very good and fair feedback on all the images shown. Congratulations to all the club members whose images were selected for the competition.

Philip Male & Phil Selby did a great job arranging 3 images a time for each of the 10 challenges, twice. for showing on the large screen in the Village Hall.  Jean Drewett and her team of willing helpers provided the tea & biscuits at half-time.

Pete Shaw, Chair, took the cup for Lacock - hope he remembers to polish it regularly!! 

Meeting: April 28 2016

Our next meeting will feature members Phil Selby, giving a masterclass on Composition and Amanda Gregory with a slide show of her Favourite Images from 2015.

Our last meeting started with Sue Power giving a Famous Photographer talk about Eugene Atget and Berenice Abbott, whose early twentieth century photography in New York was much influenced by Atget's late nineteenth century images of Paris.  

Pete Shaw demonstrated his home-built time-lapse equipment which he can set for a start and finish position, and move the camera vertically and horizontally, plus pan, tilt and slide it along a track.  He demonstrated his early experiments around Lacock; he used LRTimelapse to process the RAW images. With his trials taking nearly 400 images a run, he deletes the images once the final time-lapse has been completed in order to keep computer space to a minimum.

Stephen Davis shared his Woodland images and explained his different techniques.  He took us through the year via Spring flowers such as marsh marigolds, wood anemones, ramson, wild cherry and bluebells through to Winter's snow-covered trees.  Most shots were from Wiltshire but Stephen also included some images from Poland where he lived for a while.  He talked about the use of the weather, paths to get satisfactory lead-in lines, cropping images and different lenses to get the effect he wants.  Stephen favours a Benbo tripod.

Tribattle: April 21 2016

The second of the Projected Image Tribattle's between Lacock Positive, Trowbridge and Corsham photographic clubs will take place in Lacock Village Hall from 7pm.  The battle will be judged by Adrian Herring ARPS DPAGB.  We expect to have plenty of support & cheering!

Meeting: 14 April 2016

Stephen Davis, a member with a great deal of experience of wildlife through working for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, will be talking about Woodland Photography.  Member Sue Power will be talking about the lives and output of two photographers from the past - Eugene Atget and Berenice Abbott.

Our last meeting took us to Africa and France.  Pete Shaw showed excellent images from a photographic trip last year to the Masai Mara and a nearby conservation area in Kenya.  He related how the guides manage to get visitors to the 'right place at the right time' to take memorable images and how the vehicles are equipped to make life with a heavy lens as comfortable as possible.  Although excursions were generally pre-dawn and towards sunset, there was no rush once animals had been located.  Stays of two hours photographing and observing particular animals - leopards, cheetahs, giraffe, elephants, lions, wildebeest, warthog, zebra - were the norm.

By contrast, Bob Bray took us on a journey to Oradour-sur-Glane, a village near Limoges where 642 men. women and children were killed by a Nazi Waffen-SS company and bulldings blown up on 10 June 1944.  Bob chose to show largely monotone images to indicate the atmosphere in the village, now preserved as a memorial.  The remains of sewing machines, cars and bicycles are scattered amongst the ruins and serve as a reminder of lives destroyed.

A small group of members risked their bank balances by going to the Photography Show at the NEC recently. Half the group looked and started saving; the other half just couldn't resist some of the many goodies on display!!